The Wrath and The Dawn [Review&Discussion]

I bought this book, and this is not a sponsored blog post.


The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Series: The Wrath & The Dawn

Number in Series: Book One

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction

My Recommended Age: 14 and up

Amazon Recommended Age: 12 and up

Edition: 2015 hardcover

Pages: 416

Check it Out: GoodreadsAmazonPenguinRandomHouse

From Publisher:

Like I said, I have a problem for the bad-but-actually-good-kind-of-guys, or the morally-wrong-kind-of-guys. The most mainstream examples I can think of are Damon Salvatore from the CW’s Vampire Diaries, and Niklaus Mikaelson from the Originals. Guys that are sexy, but not good for you. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??


That being said, I like the way Khalid sees her.

“Shahrzad al-Khayzuran!” The muscles in his jaw constricted. “You are not weak. You are not indecisive. You are strong. Fierce. Capable beyond measure” – Khalid (pg 350).

Their relationship literally has me clutching my heart


Then the scene on page 363, when Khalid is leaving for a war counsel, and she kisses him goodbye and then he promises to come back in ten days instead of two weeks. I AM LIVING. That scene makes me scream every time! asdfghjkl

Now, before I end this. I need to talk about the love triangle, well, there was never a competition as it was pretty obvious who she ended up with, but I still feel so bad. Poor Tariq! The girl he loves is in love with a monster! He even tells himself she has Stockholm Syndrome (where the captive falls in love with the captor, hello Beauty and the Beast) and you just can’t help but cry for him!


You poor child, you cannot get beat that kind of love. Shiza loves him, but like a brother. One she wanted to marry at one point, but he is still family. I cry.

I also love the relationship between Shazi and Despina. They are so mean to each other, but in a loving way. It reminds me of my friends and I.

So, tell me! Who is your favorite character? Do you hate that you love Khalid too, or was he not your style? Also, I’m still new to the whole blogging thing, so let me know how I did and what I can do to improve my content! Thanks for reading!

*I will review book two as soon as I get my hands on it, so look out for that*


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