Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes [Review&Discussion]

I bought this book, this is not a sponsored blog.


Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Series: The Kiesha’ra

Volume: One

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Magic, Shapeshifter

Published: 2003

Edition: First Trade Paperback

Pages: 243

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From Goodreads:

Danica Shardae is an avian shapeshifter, and the golden hawk’s form in which she takes to the sky is as natural to her as the human one that graces her on land. The only thing more familiar to her is war: It has raged between her people and the serpiente for so long, no one can remember how the fighting began. As heir to the avian throne, she’ll do anything in her power to stop this war—even accept Zane Cobriana, the terrifying leader of her kind’s greatest enemy, as her pair bond and make the two royal families one.

Trust. It is all Zane asks of Danica—and all they ask of their people—but it may be more than she can give.

For me, this is one of those books that you can read over and over again. I read this book when I’m sad, mad, lonely, and happy. When I travel (long distance) I like to bring a book with me just in case I can’t use my phone or any other electrons, and it’s always this one.

I picked up this book in 2010 at the National Bookstore in Bacolod Philippines. I’ve taken it to California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and every other trip I’ve gone on since buying it. When I move, and I’ve moved many times in the last 3 years, it’s the first thing I pack. I even took it to college with me. Hawksong is the kind of book that I have literally read more than 100 times and I can never get bored of it.

It is a story about sacrifice, love, and war. I am seriously in love with it.


What can I say that will give this story justice?

There’s a war, between avian and serpiente, and it’s been going on since the beginning of their societies. So long that neither side remembers why the war was started. There is two emerging leaders, one hawk and one cobra. They have lost and suffered so much because of this bloody war, and are willing to trade anything and everything for peace.

It’s a fast paced book, with good writing. The author has always been a personal favorite of mine, but Hawksong is by far my favorite out of all her works.

I was a very angry preteen. Hormones, puberty, and all that stuff really messed me up, but I found little hidden gems that helped persevere me through all that confusion.

“When you  have hatred, you need to start with the heart to mend it. Similarly, when you have a rift between peoples as great as you have, the only way to bridge the gap is to start at the center” (pg 41).

As far as Danica and Zane go, they are probably one of my favorite couples in fiction but I’m not biased or anything.


Danica was raised in a society where emotions aren’t prioritized, and the avian reserve is their greatest weapon against their enemy.

“You breathe and move and speak, but whereas I would know a serpent was behind me even if he stood still as a statue, when I stand in front of you now it is like I am looking at a picture, something flat” (pg 139) Zane to Danica.

Zane was brought up in a society where emotion, love, closeness was a daily supple. To them it was the only thing that linked them to humans, what gave them souls.

I like the dynamic between Zane and Danica. They get married to end the war, even though they both have a special someone. Zane is warm, and he doesn’t push her beyond her limits. Danica is scared, but she tries despite getting chills every time she sees his red eyes. They are from two different worlds, two different societies, but they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save their peoples from each other. I think that’s the most appealing thing about Hawksong. Plus the romance is pretty intense too.



Overall rating: 4.8 hearts

Cover: 4.5 hearts

Characters: 5 hearts

Writing: 4.8 hearts

Plot&Pacing: 5 hearts

Creativity: 4.8 hearts

4.8 hearts


 I clearly have a thing for the TDH types (tall, dark, and handsome). Zane was probably my first fictional guy crush considering I picked this book up around the time I discovered boys.

He has to give up a lot to marry Danica, including getting married for love (although we all know he’s be in love with her since he stole into her room as a hot blooded teen). I really love his long monologues, and his quick mythology lessons. He’s also super cheesy. I just can’t even. No, I won’t even. I have lost the ability to even.

“I must be stark raving mad.” There was an amused murmuring in the crowd as Zane continued. “I must have lost my mind to want someone as beautiful and charming as this for my partner. To think Danica Shardae could possibly have walked into the synkal, despite protests from her guards and family, despite the fact that that they might very well throw her out of the Keep for daring to answer . . . ” At that he went on one knee before me, one of my hands clasped in his “. . . for her to abandon all propriety and become my Naga” Zane to Danica and Kingdom (pg 128).

I still swoon at this scene after all these years, it’s quite easily my favorite chapter.


Danica tries to hard to accept Zane into her heart, but she still finds solstice in Vasili’s memory, and Rei’s comfort.

“In my dreams Vasili voiced his approval of my choice, echoing Charis’s words about altruism and adding to them words about courage. I took heart from his assurances, even though I knew they were only in my imagination” (pg 137).

If I wasn’t so enthralled by Zane, I would have loved to read about a relationship between Danica and Vasili. They were engaged as children, and he died young, so all of her memories of him are from a child’s eyes. He is the quite type, and I love mysterious guys. As for Rei, while I do feel for him, watching his love be taken by another man, but he gets his own book and his own happy ending.


So tell me, what’s your favorite book? This one is clearly mine… Who is your favorite character in Hawksong? Are you team Cobra or team Hawk? Let me know!


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