My Top Five Vampires


It’s monster season again! Aside from September, my favorite month of the year is October. My inner goth girl is screaming~ Oh, the days I used to swoon over vampires and dream of books coming alive. (okay, maybe I still do, but let’s just keep it between us, shhh)

It was extremely hard to choose, as there are so many vamps out there, but I chose ones that are near and dear to my heart! Vampires have been, and probably always will be my favorite genre of monster, so without further ado, here’s a list of my favourite vampires!

5. Dracula


My fascination with the undead began at a young age. Over the years I think I somehow managed to consume every Dracula related movie, book, and web article out there. I mean, he’s a classic. When I was in the tenth grade, we had to do an art project, and I even painted a portrait of Vlad the Impaler. My teacher still hangs it on her wall, and I’ve been told the painting still creeps people out.

4. Vasilisa Dragomir


I would have said Rose Hathaway, but she’s not exactly a vampire, so I went with her other half. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is without a doubt my favourite vampire series! It’s full of action, loyalty, angst, what more could you possibly ask for? All hail Queen Lissa!

3. Alexander Sterling


My fascination with vampires started with Dracula, but my obsession started with Raven Madison and Alexander Sterling.

Don’t role your eyes at me, I know the series is long, but twelve-year-old me had found a place to belong during the confusion tween years. While everyone else was Team Edward or Jacob, I was Team Sterling!

2. Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight is my second favorite anime to InuYasha. I know a lot of people prefer Zero, but my heart will always belong to lord Kaname.

1. The Original Family


I know it’s not just one vampire, but I adore the Originals! I like how they are dysfunctional, but loyal.

How Elijah never gives up on Niklaus. How strong Rebekah is. How mischievous Kol is.

They’re powerful and venerable. I can’t explain it; I just love them! I can’t wait for season 4 to come out!

These are just my personal favorites! Let me know yours in the comments below!


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