My Top Five Faeries


Welcome to the second edition of the “Monster Season” blog posts! It’s been a frosty fall season in Alaska, and I can feel the ghouls in the air! This time I’m listing my favourite of the fae! I love faeries, there’s something alluring about the a Summer and Winter Courts that I can’t explain. So, enjoy this list of my most beloved faeries!

5. Legolas


I became a fantasy enthusiast at a young age, and I have very early memories of swooning over the majestic blonde elf. What kind of a person would I be not to include him on this list?

4. Kaye Fierch


It’s been awhile since I read the book, but I loved Kaye because she doesn’t quite fit in with her human peers. She believed in faeries all her life, and then one day she discovers their world is real.

She finds a place to belong, and eventually even manages to find her place in the human world.

Not really relevant, but did anyone else die when Kaye had a cameo in The Mortal Instruments? I really like it when two of my favourite authors collab and there are character crossovers!

3. Mark Blackthorn



Speaking of Cassandra Clare’s books, this March I met a new favourite character in the form of Mark Blackthorn, the half faerie Shadowhunter.

He’s been through a lot, and served in the Wild Hunt for a really long time. Once he finally got home, he was more faerie than Nephilim and had to relearn what it meant to be human.  He’s a weirdo, and I like that about him.





2. Ashallyn’ darkmyr Tallyn aka Ash


He’s a sexy ice prince, need I say more? The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa is one of my top YA faerie books. I liked the adventure, and I thought the “iron fey” concept was really neat.

I like Ash because he is cold, and kind of stuck up, but lovable. I guess everyone likes a good, bad faerie.




1. Tinker Bell



I prefer how she acts in Peter Pan than how she acts in her own movies. She’s jealous, and spoiled, and I just love that about her. Tinker Bell will forever be my number one fairy.


Thanks for reading! Let me know your favourites down below!





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