Top Five Witches and Warlocks


We got the first snow of the season this morning, I’m so sad. It look’s like it’s going to be a white Halloween… It makes me want to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas. Well, here’s the next installment of my “Monster Season” series, enjoy my top five Witches and Warlocks!

5. Luna Lovegoodlunalovegood_wb_f6_lunalovegoodinquibblerspecsonhogwartsexpress_still_080615_port

Who doesn’t like Luna? She’s weird and magical, one of the best combinations! She’s a strong female character, but not the traditional kind, and a great friend!

Despite being bullied at Hogwarts so much, she still remained a good person and didn’t let them get to her. I think she’s a great role model for everyone!


4. Wendy the Good Little Witch



When I was a kid, I freaking loved Casper the friendly ghost. I watch all cartoons, all the movies, any and all comics/books I could find.

My favourite movie was Casper Meets Wendy! She was so cute, and she was brave! Braver than many of the adults on the show. I remember really admiring that characteristic.

I also remember being jealous that she got to meet Casper, I want to meet him too!


3. Alex Russoxfgva9g

I am and forever will be a Selenator. I loved Alex Russo’s style, her sarcasm, and all the live lessons she taught me.

I used to sing theme song at the top of my lungs, and I was extremely sad when the show ended, but everyone had bigger things to do, so what can you do?

I guess technically Alex and her family identify as wizards, but I’m still counting her. She’s a magical human, and that’s all that really matters, right?



2. Merlin 1ii4hcy

I have always been fascinated with the Legend of King Arthur and his round table of knights, and I’ve especially been interested in Merlin.

In some stories, he’s an old man, in others he’s a young man. Sometimes he is older or the same age as Arthur.

My favourite Merlin in the media so far has been the BCC television series “Merlin.” In this show he is the same age as Arthur, and they become close friends. He also has to hide his magic from Arthur, which is also an interesting struggle. Merlin is a really enthralling character, and I look forward to seeing more portrayals of him in the future.

1. Magnus Bane



I’m so obsessed with Magnus Bane, that I even have a full blog post dedicated to him here. It just wouldn’t be a favourite “witches and warlocks” post without him…

Thanks for reading! I hoped you enjoyed it! Let me know your favourite witches, warlocks, or even wizards in the comment section below! Until next week~


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