The Fictional Boyfriend Tag


Soooooo, it’s Monday again! I always try to post on Monday as my main blogging day. However, I had nothing planned, so I was scrambling to get something done… It’s been a minute since I did a tag, and I found this interesting one online at BookArrows. You can find the original by Youtuber RayKayBooks here.  Let’s do it~


The Most Romantic Boyfriend


Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy and Bloodlines! Actually, I can’t think of any specific romantic thing he has done, but he was the first person to pop into my head. So yeah, Adrian!

Dark and Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side


Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn. I was fangirling the entire book, not gonna lie.

Paranormal Boyfriend


Magnus Bane by far. I dedicated an entire blog post to him, so of course I would chose my sparkly unicorn.

Boyfriend You Want to Tame


Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Yep, come at me bro.

Boy You Friend Zoned


Puck from The Iron Fey Series, he’s like a brother. Wait, I think that’s worse than friend zoning… Sorry Puck!

Your Soul Mate


Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy. Dimitri was like my first *fictional* love, so yeah I’ll also claim him as my soul mate too!

Boyfriend You Want to Elope With


Zane Cobriana from the Kiesha’ra series. He’s such a cutie, but I know my parents would never approve. *sigh*

Boyfriend You’d Venture Anywhere With


Percy Jackson, of course! He goes on really epic adventures that  I would love to participate in!

Boyfriend You’d Want to Be on a Deserted Island With


Eragon! Well, mostly because he has a dragon who would get us off the island, but *shhhhhh* don’t tell him that!

Most Badass Boyfriend


Damon Salvator. I’m not even sorry.

This tag was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to say Dimitri for like half of the questions, but I could only use him once. How about you? Who is your ultimate fictional boyfriend? Let me know in the comments down below!

I tag anyone who feels like participating! Send me a link if you decide to do it~


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