Monthly Recap: November 2016


Made it through November, throw a party! Jk, I can’t throw a party I have finals coming up. Speaking of, I was on a blogging streak! Then finals sneaked up behind me, and yeah, I’ve slowed down a bit. However, I wanted to get at least on post up this week; so here’s a recap of my November!


This was kind of a fantasy month for me, as all the books I reviewed were fantasy. Check them out:

“And I Darken” was seriously sooooooo good! It definitely lived up to the hype.

Books I read but didn’t review:

As for the books I read and didn’t review, they were all trash novels. What I mean by  “trash” novels are Historical Romance books. What can I say? My parents have them lying around everywhere. Plus I really like the historical aspect of them, regardless of how accurate they are. I read three of those. I’m not a hundred percent sure about the age demographic of my audience, so I’m not going to list the books, just comment down below if you’d like to know!

Books I Bought:

Heck yes, it’s the 10 year anniversary of Vampire Academy! It’s seriously my favourite series, and I am so hyped to read the bonus stories! I missed Rose and Dimitri so goddamn much! So look forward to that review!



I finally wrote some more makeup reviews! I have a few more products and a skincare review planned, but they aren’t done yet… So in the meantime, checkout the ones I put out this month (if you haven’t already):

Also, I need to find a really good setting spray before I go on vacation in January. I’m going to Florida, so I need one that lasts in humidity. If you know of any good ones, please let me know!



It was the USA Thanksgiving last week, did you guys eat any good food? My family is Filipino-America so we had the usual pancit and fried rice along with the turkey and gravy. A bunch of close family img_7442friends came over, and it was fun. Last year my parents were in the Philippines for the winter, so my sister and I ate alone. I was glad we didn’t have to suffer through my bad cooking this season.

After dinner, my sister and I went Black Friday shopping. I like collecting TV shows, so I got a bunch of new ones. Unfortunately I didn’t get any books, but that’s okay. I still spent way to much money *sigh*

Oh I also did some tags, so check those out too!

The Fictional Boyfriend Tag

The thanksgiving inspired tag was super fun, I had to match books up to food. Two of my greatest loves in life!

So that was my November, tell me about yours! I’d love to know 🙂


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