Original Poem: Over Night


Hi everyone! So, I may have mentioned before that I like to write. I want to start putting some of my work out there, but I’m kind of nervous. So I decided to start small, with some poems I wrote. This one was written in 2014, during a difficult time in my life. Most of my poetry is dark, because that was a coping mechanism I used over the years.

This poem is about depression and society’s take on it. In 2014 when I was in nursing student, we were talking about behavioral health in one of my classes. Someone said they didn’t understand people who were suicidal, and that it was easy to get over depression, just go see a doctor. This statement really, really upset me. Depression does not go away over night, for some people it is a genuine struggle. An internal war. So this poem was born! Enjoy 🙂


Disclaimer: I am not suicidal, but I was once. I am also seeing a doctor on a regular basis for my depression, so don’t get worried about me 🙂

Also, if you are feeling down or suicidal, please don’t hurt yourself. Contact on of these hotlines. As cheesy and cliche as this sounds: it gets better. Even if it doesn’t seem like it today, there’s always tomorrow (and the day after that and so on).




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