My 7 Travel Essentials for Every Bookworm


Hi all, I’m headed on vacation tonight, and I thought I’d share my bookish travel essentials with you! I find these kind of blogs helpful, so I figured why not write my own? Hope you enjoy it!


7. Journal/Sketchbook

I always bring a small notebook or journal with me when I fly, you can’t always use your electronics (or they might run out of battery). Plus I like to write, so whenever I think of story idea, or a way to further the plot of my current project I like to be able to write it down on paper, it’s just really fun!

6. Earplugs

If you prefer your peace and quiet, you may want to consider earplugs. I always feel bad for the parent’s of the crying baby on the plane, so instead of getting upset about all the noise, I bring noise cancelers just in case!

5. Jams

I seriously cannot live without music, so I always have something to listen to music on me. I always make two travel playlists before my flight; a fast one and a slow one. The slow one is for on the plane to help me relax and sleep, and a fast one to get me through the airport. Just pretend you’re a spy and play some themed music for yourself, it will keep you occupied and make all the waiting a little more bearable.


4.One physical book

I’m bringing Hawksong, because I don’t travel without it. I like having a small paperback with me in case I’m not allowed to have my electronics on, or they die.

3. Audiobook

If you don’t like music, then I suggest an audiobook. I use Audible, and I’m currently listening to The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury. I also like audiobooks for road trips, it’s nice to be engaged in a story while on the go.

2. Book/Movie/Band Merch

Travelling can be scarring, especially alone. So I like to bring something from my favourite fandoms with me for comfort. I usually wear my Black Veil Brides star when I travel, but other things you could consider are scarfs, blankets, t-shirts, etc. Plus, who knows, maybe you’ll run into someone who likes the same fandom as you and you can start up a conversation!


1. E-book reader

I’m taking my Kindle with me, and I like ebooks because you can basically take an entire library with you in a little device. Plus, you can also get a phone app which is really convenient.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little list, if you want to see my trip to Florida you can add me on snapchat @ peregrinegrace 🙂

Let me know some of the things you can’t travel without down below if you’d like, I’d love to hear them!



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