Makeup Review: Beauty Killer by Jeffree Star

This pallet was gifted to me by my friend Lily 🙂



Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Pallete by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Price: USD 45.00

Catch it Here: 

JefreeStarCosmetics, Beautylish

Product Description from JSC:


10 jaw-dropping shades. Extreme pigment.

There are 3 formulas in this palette: matte, frost & glitter.

Hi all, so I’ve been following Jeffree Star since middle school, and I’ve been meaning to get some of his products for awhile; but it’s kind of hard when you’re broke af (I spend all of my extra money on books okay). Luckily my friend got me this pallet for Christmas! I know Jeffree is a super controversial person, but to someone like me he is a success story that all alternative kids can look up to. A weirdo who made it big. So without further ado, let’s get into it!


The packaging is really cute, I like the pink and gold. The mirror inside is super high def, and it’s a decent size! The entire pallete is large, the shadows are in huge pans! Which is nice because you’re getting a lot of product in the pallete, and it will last you a long time. However, I will note that some people say the pan is thin, but they are spread out, so I would take that into consideration before purchasing this product.

I do feel like this pallete isn’t very versatile, unless you are a huge fan of colour. However, that’s just my opinion, I tend to keep it neutral-ish. I think this would be good a good product for people who are really artistic, and like to experiment with looks.

So far my favourite colours have been Princess, Violence, and Confession! While I like the shade of Expensive, I just can’t pull it off. Rich Bitch is also really nice, I love a good gold. When I saw China White get swatched on Jeffree’s YouTube, I thought it looked a lot whiter. It’s kind of an off-white, so that took me by surprise. Another thing to consider before purchasing.

jeffre-star-beauty-killer-pallet-review-img-3  I was surprised by was the amount of fallout, especially because Jeffree is always taking about how much he hates that. It’s not an excessive amount, but it is a little powdery. So for colours like Vanity, Black Rainbow, and Star Power, I made sure to tap the extra product off of my brush.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed this shadow pallete! It’s fun, pigmented, and it will last you for awhile.



Final Verdict? 4.5/5 hearts!

Quality: 4 hearts

Packaging: 5 hearts

Pigment: 5 hearts

Versatility: 4



So I threw away the box, and I couldn’t find the ingredients his website page. When other bloggers reviewed it, they posted pictures of the box, and I couldn’t read it very well. So just know that this product is vegan and cruelty-free!


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