Top Seven YouTube Beauty Gurus


Hi all, so today I’m going to be talking about seven of my fave beauty gurus! They kind of inspired me to start a beauty blog! I feel like books and beauty are the top two things that help me get through life, which is why I started this blog. So without further ado, here we go!



7. Michelle Phan

I really used to love her travel videos, I always consulted Michelle before packing. I also liked how simple her videos were, and thirteen-year-old me could actually follow along. I have no idea how the kids these days accomplish looks that someone like NikkiTutorials put out. But yeah, Michelle was also the second beauty guru I ever followed. Side note: I was going to put in one of my favourite travel videos, but like, I forgot she did this. This is way better.

6. Beautifymeeh

I’ve been following her channel for so long! Since the 10th grade! Actually, I love that I’ve been able to “grow up” with people like Angel and Michelle because it’s fun watching their journey as I explore my own. When I lived in the dorms, I was really thankful for Angel’s vlogs because they made me feel less lonely!

5. Wengie

I’ve been following Wengie since her Puppy Eyes makeup tutorial! I loved her so much when she was girly and I was very attracted to her florally backgrounds. Now she does less makeup videos, but she’s still in my top beauty guru’s list! It’s been fun following Wengie because when she started she was so shy, but now she’s really outgoing!

4. meejmuse

I love Jen because she is so sweet and honest. If I’m having trouble deciding on a product, I will consult her videos before purchasing the item. We have a lot of the same taste in makeup, so she’s the best for me! Seriously, she’s a lifesaver!

3. Venus Angelic

Okay, so Venus is a controversial choice. However, I think people judge her too harshly. You can clearly see the change of quality in her content after she fired her mother as her manager. I remember really enjoying the cosplay makeup videos she used to do.  I always think of Venus with great affection, so this is why she’s included on this list! (below is the first video of hers I ever watched)

2. MamaMiaMakeup aka Mia Stammer

Okay, so I love Mia! She started out doing makeup videos, but now she does more skits and fashion videos, which is still equally as fun! Mia is half Japanese, and this is relevant because I’m half Filipino. I like being able to support people who are mixed race like me,  #diversity. I also really like her vlogs, and her corgi Ken!

1. Bubzbeauty

Okay, so Bubz was the first person who taught me how to do makeup! However, she means so much more to me now! Her vlogs helped me through so much; she literally feels like family. Bubz will always be number one in my book!






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