Seven Book Reading Hacks


I think everyone struggles reading from time to time, myself included! So I put together some reading hacks that I find helpful, and maybe you will too. 

#7) Don’t have time to read? Listen.

If you don’t have time to read a physical book, try listening to an audiobook. It’s convient for in the car, while exercising, the walk in-between classes, while eating dinner, and even while making dinner. There are a ton of audio book apps out there; or at your local library they usually have CDs you can borrow. I typically listen to audiobooks while travelling, long drives or plane rides.

#6) Can’t sleep? Try reading for an hour or less to wind you down.

Although, this is a dangerous hack (because you can sometimes stay up until 4am reading a good book), but it can be helpful if you have insomnia (like me). I sometimes watch YouTube videos when I can’t sleep, but the lights really aren’t good for my eyes. So I like to read instead, which helps a lot. If you’re worried about staying up too late reading a fantasy novel, try motivational or self-help books. It’s a good way to end your day on a positive note!


#5) Can’t figure out what to read next?

I have several suggestions for this problem. 1) if you have Goodreads, there’s always the “readers also enjoyed” section you can browse. 2) Book bloggers usually have listacles you can browse, or you can look at the books they’ve reviewed until you find something that sounds right for you. Finally we have 3) go to the website and type in the book you just finished, or another book you liked, and it will list several books similar to it (I love this site, it’s literally so helpful).

#4) Bored of what you’ve been reading? Change up the genre.

Sometimes I get into the rut of  reading the same kind of books over and over again (I’m pretty sure I’ve read every vampire YA ever written, and over half of the adult ones), until I don’t want to read anything anymore. I went on a two year reading dry spell, but then I decided to try something new (contemporary), and now I’m reading again!

#3) You’ve finished a book series, but your OTP wasn’t endgame, what do you do? Fanfiction.

Okay, so this hack might be a little controversial, but c’mon, there are some really talented fanfic authors out there. Plus, sometimes you can’t move on until you get a satisfying ending (yes, this has happened me, and I haven’t totally read every Dramione fanfic out there, not at all).


#2) You can’t concentrate? Meditate.

I sometimes have trouble reading because I’m stressed about school, or life in general. Sometimes I just need to wind down before I can wind down, you know? I find that meditating is good for that! Afterwards you’ll be able to relax easier, and hopefully have less stress.

#1) Don’t speed read.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fast reader, or a slow reader. Just read because you want too, if you try to fast read you won’t nearly enjoy it as much! Last fall I was taking 18 credits, and working 30 hours a week at my job, all while trying to run this blog. I tried to speed read, and honestly that didn’t help me at all. Just take your time and enjoy the book!


Thanks for reading, and let me know if this post helped you! Or, if you have a hack that’s better than mine, drop me a comment down below, I’d love to know!


6 Replies to “Seven Book Reading Hacks”

  1. #6 is a really great suggestion. I use reading as a way to help myself wind down when I’m unable to sleep. Sometimes it doesn’t work and my brain just won’t shut down for me to sleep… and in those times I prefer to do something enjoyable and/or productive, so reading is usually my insomnia companion of choice.


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