The Candy Book Tag!


Hi all, so today I’m coming at you with another book tag! This one looked like so much fun, and plus I’m kind of addicted to sweets… I saw this over at The Awkward Book Blogger, so be sure to check her out! Also, the creator of this tag is Jessica @ Bookish Serendipity! So check her tag out as well 🙂 Let’s go~~~


Apple | Ah. Healthy food. It is deep, meaningful, and probably won a lot of awards but, um, it really isn’t your thing.


Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Not the biggest fan of this fantasy series, something about the main characters turned me off. I would like to know how they end, I like a good love triangle, or square? I’ve heard things about the series, but I have no idea what happened past the first book.

Milk Chocolate | This is a book you’d recommend to absolutely everyone.


Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Any book by Sarah Dessen, all of her stories are coming of age novels, and she’s written so many that I feel as though there is something for everyone.

Black Jellybeans | Why do these exist?


Fallen by Lauren Kate

Oh, once again I get to talk about my disdain for the Fallen series. I have no idea why these books sold so well (aside from the beautiful cover), considering how terribly petty and arrogant the MC is. Just no. And do not get me started on the “hero” of the series, Daniel drives me i n s a n e.

Chocolate Kisses | Aww this novel had the best romance.


If I Stay by Gayle Forman

That was harder than I thought it was going to be. It’s a little bitter-sweet, cosidering that she lost her entire family, but I could really feel that Adam loved Mia. Plus all the other books that immediately came to mind had romances that I would necessarily call sweet and innocent.

Gummy Spiders| Eek! You made sure to check under your bed every night for a week after reading this scary one.

Ha. I don’t read scary books. Like ever. Heck, I barely watch scary movies.

Jumbo Lollipop | This took your forever to get through, but hey! You did it!


Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia

The only reason why it took me so long to finish this book was that I listened to the audio version of it. It typically only takes me a few days to read a book (or a night depending on how much time I have), or I never finish it. *cough* Game of Thrones *cough*

You can read my book review here!

Cotton Candy | Admit it, you loved this when you were younger (you probably still do).


Geronimo Stilton

I loved the Geronimo series growing up! I used to go to a library reading group every week as a child, and this was always my favourite! I still want to read it sometimes honestly…

So that’s my edition of the Candy Book Tag, and if you feel like participating I tag you! Link me down below so I can see your answers! Thanks for reading!



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