Top 7 Apps I Use to Learn Languages (Mandarin, Japanese, and Tagalog)

7 Apps I Use to Learn Languages

I enjoy learning new languages; I think it’s really fun! On top of that, I went to a Chinese school while I was living in the Philippines, and that’s what sparked my interest! It’s really cool to study and then watch movies or listen to music and actually understand what people are saying, even if it’s only a few words. Plus I like to learn about, and appreciate other people’s cultures, and I find it really humbling. So without further ado, let’s go~~


General Apps/ Apps with multiple language functions: 

HiNative (free) – An app where you can talk to real people about the language you are learning! I use this for Japanese and Mandarin, but there are other languages too. For example French and Korean. I just started using it recently, but I think it’s the best thing ever. It’s especially helpful for those who want to practice what they know, but don’t have anyone to practice with!

Duolingo (free) – This is kind of like HiNative, but you aren’t talking to real people. There are a ton of languages you can choose from, and each one has vocab and grammar exercises built into it. First they teach you, and then you quiz yourself! It’s really nice if you don’t have time to take a class. I use this app for Japanese, Mandarin, and Tagalog.


Genki Apps (paid) – In university I’m taking Japanese. The first books we started with are the Genki books. They have two apps, for vocab and kanji. I’m really good at kanji, so I didn’t bother with that app, but the vocab one saved my life! You don’t have to waste money on notecards, you just buy it once and then viola, you have instant flashcards you can use over and over again!

MindSnacks: Japanese (paid) – I love MindSnacks! This is another app full of vocab, but instead of quiz yourself with flashcards you can play fun games. I personally prefer learning with games, especially if you have an obsessive personality where you must move on to the next level. There is a light version if you want to try it, but I paid USD 4.99 for the full version.

Mandarin Chinese:

MindSnacks: Mandarin – this is the same as the Japanese MindSnacks, but with Mandarin vocab words instead. This version has a slightly different set of games, because different languages have different needs. I also paid USD 4.99 for the full version.


Gus (on the go) Filipino – So I think I paid for the full version too, but I like this app because it’s similar to the MindSnack apps where you play games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have as many levels, and I think I completed it within a week. Highly recommended, especially for small children!

Basic Tagalog  – just another flashcard app, but it helps a lot! I don’t think I paid for this one either, but I’ve had it for several years so I honestly can’t remember.

Hope you found this blog informative! Plus, I’m always looking for more fun apps, so please tell me your favourites down below!


**Not a sponsored post, but I wish it was!


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