The Makeup Book Tag!


Hi all, so today I found this great tag to share with you all! As you know this is a book and beauty blog, so when I saw this over at the The Sassy Geek Blog I knew I had to do it! So please go check out Heather’s answers as well! I’ll also be including my favorite products along with the books! Let’s go!


primer – pick a book that left a lasting impression


I read Wintersong in february, and honestly I still think about it. Whenever I eat or see something frosty, I’m like “wow, that reminds me of the cover of Wintersong. When is the second one getting published again?” And then I cry a little on the inside because 2018 is so far away.

I like the VDL Lumilayer Primer because it’s glittery, and honestly you don’t have to wear anything over it, if you just need something casual to go to the grocery store.

You can see my reviews for these products here:

foundation – pick your favorite first book in a series


So, as you may or may not Hawksong is my bae. This will forever be one of my favorite novels; but I just didn’t like the rest in the series as much.

I really liked the AprilSkin Magic Snow cushion in White. It’s very dewy and it has high coverage! Perfect for winter days.

You can see my reviews for these products here:

concealer – pick a character you wish you could get rid of

Hate me all you want, but I’m 110% over Clary Fray. The Mortal Instruments is one of my favorite book series, and when I first read the books, I was in love with her, but… News flash Clary the entire world doesn’t revolve around you, okay? O k a y.

My fave concealer is the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer, it’s just really great, and I honestly don’t have anything else to say about it lol.

powder – pick your favorite last book in a series

The Last Olympian was pretty good, I wasn’t upset with the ending and I felt closure. With some books, there’s just so many questions left unanswered, but I liked how the last Percy Jackson book ended.

The Make Up For Ever HD powder is one of my absolute favorites, although I’m not the biggest fan of matte looks, so I rarely use powder.

eyebrows – a book you think everyone should read

THUG is one of the most important YA books out there, it’s powerful and thought provoking. I recommend that everyone read it!

I really like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade! I also like their pencils, but I feel like the dipbrow has a higher color payoff!

Here’s my review on THUG:

eyeliner – pick a dark and mysterious book

While The Bone Witch was slow, I really enjoyed the world building and characters! (plus the cover is everything!)

I really love the Dollywink eyeliner, but if you have oily eyelids (like me) remember to prime your eyelids first! Still my fave though.

You can see my review of The Bone Witch here:

mascara – pick a long book

And I Darken was so good, but literally so long (although I’m not mad because, I mean bae) it took me two days of straight reading to get to the end, but it was so worth it!

The Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Mascara is my favorite because it’s great for short eyelashes like mine! Plus it holds the curl all day, and it’s waterproof.

Here’s my review for And I Darken if you’re interested:

blush – pick a book that had a cringe-worthy romance

Okay, so I can’t tell you who I’m talking about without spoiling anything, but a certain triplet and a certain boy drove me insane.

I like the Nars Orgasm Blush, it’s just a really reliable product! I don’t usually use blush, but this one is nice.

You can see my review for Three Dark Crowns here:

highlighter – pick a book that brightened your day

I haven’t actually had time to read Lord of Shadows yet, but I was really happy to finally have it in my hands the other day! I really enjoyed Lady Midnight, so I was glad to get the next book in the series, after waiting for an entire year!!

The Aspyn Ovard x Pixi Cosmetics collab is definitely one of my favorites! I liked London Lustre the most.

You can see my review for the highlighter here:

lipstick – your favorite book kiss


Listen, Dimitri and Rose are forever my OTP. So even though their first kiss was enchanted, it will always have a place in my heart!!

I like the YSL lipsticks (I don’t have a fave, they’re all so beautiful), because of the high color payoff and the super pretty packaging!

Here’s review on the 10th anniversary addition of Vampire Academy:

Okay guys, so that’s my rendition of the Makeup Book Tag! Thanks for reading, and I tag anyone who feels like participating! Link me if you see this and write your own post so I can see your answers!



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