Bookish Playlist: I Believe in a Thing Called Love



Hi all, so. I’m bringing back the Bookish Playlists! It actually did really well last time, and I promised to do one every month, but I haven’t had time until now. So, this month I’ve created a playlist for a kdrama inspired book! This makes me extremely happy because 75% of my music is kpop. So, I’m taking this opportunity to bring you all the jams!

Here are 10 cute songs about love, first loves, and longing~~ (in no particular order)


10. NU’EST – Sleep Talking

Super cute song about how a boy can’t get a girl out of his head, and he even dreams about her!


In this song, the members of Pristin are used to boys lining up for them. However, there is just this one boy who isn’t interested. Of course, he is the one boy the girl just has to have. So she is explaining her feelings, and the way they explain how they feel reminded me of Desi!

8. IU – You And I

So, Desi has a lot of trouble with boy at first, and the way IU sings about how the timing wasn’t right for her and the boy she likes, reminded me of Desi and her bad luck with boys…

7. f(x) – All Mine

In All Mine, the members are singing about taking a chance with the person they love! It’s a very nice EDM song with a catchy beat!

6. Teen Top – Ah Ah

The boys are singing about how much they like a girl, how they love everything about her and want to be together from morning to morning. This reminded me of how Desi and Luca could stay up talking all night, and basically wanted to be together as much as possible at first.

5. Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

This song is about the duo stirring up trouble, while getting the other to fall for them! Hello, this is so Desi and Luca getting into trouble while Desi is trying to get him to fall for her!

4. ChoColat – Black Tinkerbell

The song is about how a girl (Tinkerbell) is jealous that the boy she likes has feelings for another girl. Which, I know Luca didn’t like someone else, but when Desi got jealous, Black Tinkerbell came to mind.

3. AOA – Heart Attack

Heart Attack is about how a girl falls for a boy at first sight, and her feelings are so overwhelming, it’s like a heart attack. None of her friends understand her feelings, just like how none of Desi’s friends could understand when she came up with her kdrama scheme.

2. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

This another song about love at first sight, so yeah lol, I might have had my music on shuffle while reading the book; and I thought this was a perfect song for the book. Also, I can’t have a kdrama/pop inspired playlist without SHINee, that would be criminal.


1. BlackPink – As If It’s Your Last

Okay, so this song came out after the book did, but I’m kind of obsessed, and when I looked up the lyrics, I thought of Desi and Luca! Okay, I feel like the love Desi and Luca had was a little less intense, and I heard the song right after I finished the book, but I’m including it anyway! The song is about how a girl really likes a guy, and she wants him to treat her like the last girl he’ll ever be with, and like go all the way. So yes, I’ve been obsessed with BlackPink since their debut last August, and I think everyone needs them in their lives.

And there you have it, my playlist for I Believe in a Thing Called Love feat. kpop! Wow, this was a lot harder to make than I thought, I didn’t realize that I had so many breakup songs. I also didn’t want to repeat artists, and I thought about including kdrama OSTs but nah, I figured this would be more fun! Haha, well I hope you liked it!


link to the full playlist!


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