April/May/June 2017 Recap

AprilMayJune 2017 Recap

Hi all, so long time no recap? I don’t feel like posting a detailed list of everything little book I bought and read, because that will be a lot, but I’ll list every article I’ve posted in the last three months!



April was pretty slow blogging wise; I got really busy, so I only posted four things! Which consisted of my Girl’s Day makeup look, a 7 Things blog, my last recap post, and my hiatus announcement!


I finished finals and moved back to my hometown for the summer! I also participated in the #AsianLitBingo event on Twitter!! I also started vlogging, out of boredom mostly, but I filmed a few festivals in June that I went too. So if you’re interested in what I do in Alaska, feel free to watch.

I will be moving in about a year after I graduate, so I’m mostly vlogging for myself. That way I’ll have memories of Alaska I can watch.


I worked a lot, read a lot, blogged some, and went to some festivals!





Wow, now that I’ve written it all down, I did a lot! Hopefully you enjoyed some of it! Also, today is the last day of Pride Month; so I hope you all enjoyed it! I don’t really have much planned for July like I did in June, there’s one more festival I always go to, so I’ll be vlogging that. Aside from that I’ll mostly be working, and reading! So look forward to that, see you guys next time!



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