My Top Seven Historical Dramas

My Top Seven Historical Dramas

Hi all, I’m a total history buff, so I’ve seen a lot of shows that delve into the past. Most of these shows aren’t entirely historically accurate, but I still like the wardrobe and story lines. So, in no particular order, here are some of my personal favorites!


7. Scarlet Heart Ryeo


I watched this show as it was airing last December, and I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard over a television series. I personally love time travelling shows, I think they’re really fun and it’s fascinating to watch the main character navigate the ways of the past. I’m still hoping for a season two; the ending was so sad and I need a Wang Soo and Hae-so reunion.

Scarlet Hearts is a Korean drama based off a Chinese show, where Hae-so is sent back to the Goryeo era of Korea. Here she falls in love, finds friends in unlikely places, while trying to adjust to her new home. The hero, Wang Soo, is the exiled son of the King who returns home to take his place as a prince of the kingdom. If you like tear-jerkers, romance, and drama, this is a show for you!

6.  Outlander


Speaking of time travelling shows, I love Outlander! Claire Randal and her husband are on a holiday in Scotland after the end of WWII. She ends up getting thrown into the middle of the 18th century. Her one goal is to return home to her husband, but she ends up getting involved in a war between the Scottish Highlanders and the English.

I won’t lie, 75% of the reason why I like this show is because I like the romance aspect of it. Claire is slightly older than Jaime, the Scottish man she meets in the past. Their romance is incredibly intense, and I live for it. I’m really excited for season three coming out this September!

5.The Last Kingdom


I recently finished season two on Netflix, and it’s the reason why I’m making this list. The Last Kingdom is based off the Danes, Anglo-Saxons, and how England became a country. We follow Uhtred son of Uhtred, who had his home stolen by his uncle.

Uhtred gets adopted by a Viking family, and is raised as a Dane. Once he becomes an adult, he sets out to find the wealth and power to take his childhood home back.

It’s very violent and bloody, leaning towards the Game of Thrones level of violence. However, I think I like this show because I have never studied this era of history before, and it’s new and fascinating to me.  For example, they mention Thor a few times, and I experienced a bit of culture shock because I equate him with the Marvel universe and I forgot he was an actual god once.

4. Goddess of Fire


Woot for crossing-dressing-troupes! In Goddess of Fire, we follow the tale of Yoo Jung who was one of the first women to make ceramics in Korea. Taking place during the Joseon era, Yoo Jung must cross-dress as a boy to prove her talent.

I feel like I must have an addiction for sad dramas, because this is another tear-jerker. It has everything from the cross-dressing-troupe to the forbidden love troupe, and the ending is so sad. And she ends up choosing the wrong guy (this is the unpopular opinion though)!! However, Yoo Jung is a really great character. She challenges gender expectations, and doesn’t let people stop her from getting what she wants. She thinks outside of the box, and she is kind and caring. I love this drama.

3. Little House on the Prairie



Okay, so Little House is basically my childhood in a nutshell. No, I didn’t travel through the prairie in a covered wagon, but my best friend I and used to obsess over this show. In fact, Laura Ingles Wilder is the reason why I wanted to become a writer. And the first “story” I ever wrote was basically a Little House on the Prairie fanfic. Which sounds extremely nerdy, I know, but this shows gives me a lot of comfort.

2. Marco Polomarco-polo-1

Despite it’s many shortcomings, I really like Marco Polo because of it’s diverse cast. If I wanted to see a historical drama set in Asia, I would have to watch a show from that country. However, Marco Polo is in English, and employed many diaspora Asians from around the world in it’s cast.

It was nice to see a TV show from the Western Entertainment-verse create such a show, despite it’s many flaws. So for that reason I’m including Marco Polo on my list.

1. The Tudors


Anne Boleyn is without a doubt my favorite queen in history, and my favorite portrayal of her was done by Natalie Dormer on the Tudors. I’ve always found King Henry VIII to be interesting; the narrative of a spoiled, selfish English King. Many woman met their demise because of him, and he was the father of the greatest British Queen in history, Elizabeth I.

He did terrible things, and yet I always find myself drawn to his story, I’ve consumed a lot of media about him and his wives, but The Tudors is my favorite.

And there you have it, my favorite historical shows! Thanks for reading! Let me know, what are you fave shows? I’d love to hear them and get some possible new recs!



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