Bookish Playlist: WANT by Cindy Pon


Hi all, today I’m bringing you a playlist for WANT (lol, I was so bad at reviewing books this month)! I have songs in English, Korean, and Chinese, so as per usual I will explain the song a little bit and why I chose them. So without further ado, let’s jump into it! Ten songs that reminded me of Want~

10. Trophy Cat x Edward Avila – Stay

It’s a cutesy song with a piano backdrop and summer beat. The lyrics are about a breakup that the singer hasn’t gotten over yet. Edward Avila is a Filipino creator living in South Korea. This song reminded me of Victor’s love for Lingyi, and how he wished she would’ve stayed with him.

I honestly pictured Edward* as Victor while reading, plus he’s got the whole Filipino diaspora in another Asian country – so I could not include this song.

9. The 1975 – Somebody Else

This song is about, you guessed it, a breakup. This song once again reminded me about Victor and Lingyi, because he’s still not over her, while she has moved on with somebody else.

The song is a really pretty chill pop rock jam, and probably my most listened to song of the year! Which is saying a lot because I don’t listen to many English songs.

8. Hurts – Somebody to Die For

This is another pop rock song that I find calming. Also in English!

It remind me of *SPOILER* Victor dying (I STILL HAVE HOPE HES ALIVE) during their heist** He loves his friends, and basically dies for their cause.

7. Sleeping with Sirens – The Strays

Another pop rock (punk rock?) song, but this time it’s about being an outcast. So this song is more for the general gang and not just one person.

The lyric I was born, but I wasn’t raised. Reminds me of Zhou and how he lost his family at a young age. Also, everyone in the group is a stray of some sort. So I think this is a good song to describe the group as a whole!

6. DPR Live – Know Me ft. Dean

A rap song about not caring. I find that the aesthetics of this video is on point, and reminded me of Want because of the colors and stilettos of the tall buildings.

Plus, this is kind of Zhou’s theme song. Middle finger to the hater, don’t really give a fuck, bish I’m a go getter. Seem familar? Song is in both English and Korean.

5. Drug Restaurant – Mistake

Another pop rock song, which reminded me of Zhou on the inside trying to get close to Daiyu while at that fundraiser she threw.

About to go crazy, a fearless liar. He lied about who he was, and it felt like a mistake to be there at first. The other lyrics talk about being trapped in small places, and not really being comfortable in the situation. Basically Zhou. Song is in Korean.

4. Amber – Borders

Amber is Taiwanese American like Zhou, and this song talks about her journey battling hardships. She also experiences diaspora because she lives in South Korea, and she’s talked about having depression and trying to find the strength to overcome it. Which this song is about.

Zhou and friends have similar experiences, so I thought this was another good group song. Song is in English.
3. Phantom – Burning

This is a pop rock song with an R&B undertone  about love. This song particularity reminds me of Lingyi and Iris, Zhou and Daiyu.

I feel like I can’t really summarize the song in a few lines, because I feel like the entire song is relevant to these ships. Espciallh because they’re like “burning” with their love for the person. Song is in Korean.

2. Amber Run – I Found

Okay, so this song is basically Zhou and Daiyu. Even in the music video the actors kidnap a girl to ransom, and like the younger guy falls in love with her.

It’s a bluesy song about finding love in the wrong place. He’s not supposed to love her, it’s not part of the plan, and yet he falls in love with her. It’s Zhou!! Song is in English.

1. Hebe Tien – Insignificance

A Taiwanese slow pop song, that reminds me of the overall setting of WANT. She starts the song talking about a Polar Bear born in the city, and kids playing in dumps. She’s insignifant, but she realizes that we’re killing the world, and we should appreciate it more.

And there you have it, my Playlist for Want! Actually, I would have liked to include more songs by Taiwanese artists, but I couldn’t find many translations for songs, and the ones I did find didn’t fit the mood.

Go ahead and roast me for making almost half of these songs about Victor. Listen, representation is important people, and he was my fave 😭

Anyway, thanks for reading. See you all next time!

*sidenote: I just want to point out that while I pictured Edward Avila as Victor, I am aware that he is openly gay. Which, I don’t think his sexuality is relevant to my fancast or song choice, but I just wanted to take note.

Full Playlist:


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