The Get to Know Me Tag!

The Get to Know Me Tag!

Hi all, are you ready to get to know me? I was browsing the interwebs when I came across this tag over at Reading Every Night, so make sure to check out Beth’s blog for further entertainment~ I thought this would be a fun way to further introduce myself, so without further ado, let’s jump into it!


Vital Stats

Name: Peregrine Grace, which is, fun fact, my first name. I have a middle name and last name, which I won’t be sharing for my safety. Although to be honest there aren’t that many Peregrine’s in the country, so I feel that with enough stalking, someone could find me anyway.

Nicknames: LOL, I have a not, including bu not limited to: Pet, Pan, Pikachu, Penguin, Petty, Pet-pet, and more.

Birthday: September 13th

Star Sign: Virgo

Occupation: Hotel Personnel (I’ve worked various jobs in the hotel industry for the last three years, but currently I’m a property manager)




Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Long, my hair goes down to my waist

Eye Color: Dark Brown, almost black (like my heart)

Best Feature: my hair, when it wants to cooperate

Piercings: one in each ear

Tattoos: none

Right or Left: right handed




Best Friend: Noel, we were church buddies as babies, and still best of friends!

Award: I don’t remember, tbh.

Sport: I swam as a kid, if that counts? If not then I played Volley Ball in high school.

Real Holiday: ehhh, like without my parents? When I was fifteen my friends and I went to Disneyland for a choir thing.

Concert: I’m not sure, I’ve been going to festivals since I was a kid…




Film: My Little Bride

TV Show: any version of Itazura na Kiss

Color: black

Restaurant: The Revolving Sushi Bar

Book: Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes




Feeling: In pain. My chronic pain has not been good to me this year.

Single or Taken: single af

Eating: cranberry chicken salad

Thinking About: how annoying my sister is being

Watching: Game of Thrones

Wearing: A Black Dress and Purple Cardigan




Want Children: I go back in forth, it’ll probably be up to what my future partner wants

Want to be Married: Not a deal breaker for me, if I marry someone with the same passport as me, probably not though.

Careers in Mind: Author and teacher, specifically ESL

Where you want to live: anywhere other than Alaska (where I currently live)



Do You Believe in…

God: Yes, but not the church.

Miracles: Sure

Love at First Sight: Nah

Ghosts: Yes

Aliens: Yep

Soul Mates: Maybe?

Heaven: Could be a possibility

Hell: Yes

Kissing on the First Date: Depends on the people

Yourself:  Yes lol

Sooooo, thanks for reading! This was just a fun tag, and I’m tagging all who feel like participating! If you do this, please let me know so I can see your answers too! Bye~









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