Wrap-up post: #TheReadingQuest

reading quest final

EL OH EL, so I was really bad about keeping you all updated! I don’t really plan on linking my post to qualify for prizes, but I thought I should at least do the final wrap-up for funsies. Sorry I’ve been so MIA, I’ve just been bust with wrapping up my family’s business and starting school. I have continued to read for peace of mind, but I haven’t been keeping up blogging.

Okay so I finished my audiobook, and I read the ebook for the Forbidden Wish! Which means I completed the Mage route!

This brings my  EXP points to: 100

My HP to: I’m too lazy to calculate… So I’ll just say somewhere around 50?

Anyway, this was post was lowkey a waste of your time, but I did it so 😭 I also wrote a review for Labyrinth Lost, and I will hopefully get around to reviewing some of the other books, so look out for that!

I know some people wanted me to wrap it up, so I did this for them! Thanks for reading guys~~


Catch you later, bye!!



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