Book Review: Paper Wishes by Spencer Hoshino

I received this book in a giveaway for AsianLitBingo 🙂

Paper Wishes by Spencer Hoshino

Paper Wishes by Spencer Hoshino34322019

Series: The Magical Girl Series #1

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Magical Realism

Published: 02.24.2017

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 212

Catch it Here: AmazonWattpad,Goodreads


There is a belief that with each origami star folded, a falling star is saved. After folding 365 stars while mourning the loss of her mother, Vilvian makes a wish that will change her life forever.

Enter Nox Bright, the handsome and mysterious guy who has been haunting Vilvian’s dreams. She can barely believe it when he walks into her homeroom near the end of the school year. Has she gone crazy or is it possible that wishes really do come true?

Hi all, today I’m bringing you a review of this really cute book! Originally published on Wattpad, the author has now self-published it! It was really adorable, like manga in novel form, which I really really enjoyed reading! So without further ado, let’s begin!


This story follows Vilvian, who is a third generation Japanese-American senior high school student living with her best friend after her mother passes away. She’s really loveable and cute! We meet her right as she is coming out of seclusion after dealing with her mother’s death for months. What brings her out of isolation is Nox, a boy from her dreams.

Her best friend is Kai, who is also Japanese. He works for his father’s company, and is currently taking care of his friend who is sick with grief. OH. MY. GOD. I love Kai. He almost reminds me of Kiyoya from Ouran High School Host Club, because he is a bit serious in an adorable way. You can tell from his actions that he really loves Vilvian, and ugh I’m crying from all the feels I have for him. Why do authors like to curse me with the Second Male Lead syndrome (when you think the second love interest is better than the main love interest)!?

I also loved the diversity of the cast, two of the main characters are Japanese as I mentioned, and Jez, who is Vilv’s second best friend is Filipina! Which, hello, I was freaking out over. It’s so nice to have positive rep in books!! Also, Vilv and Kai would use the occasional Japanese word, which was fun for me because I studied Japanese for three years in University, and I actually knew all the words mentioned!

I just wish the book wasn’t so short! Which, I think this was my main problem with the book, because I hated Nox so. much. I might be biased, as I said I really loved Kai, so I wanted him and Vilv to be together, but I knew from the synopsis that that wasn’t going to happen. However, I wish their was better world building done around Nox and Vilv’s relationship. It was extremely insta-lovey in my opinion, and Vilv accepted that he was real way to fast.

Of course, I do take into consideration that this was originally posted on Wattpad, which is a website where authors post snippets/chapters as they write. I used to post on Wattpad, so I know how it goes and it can get tough because you really can’t go back and make major changes, or add more to the past plot, without confusing the reader. I think with a bit more writing, Nox could have been a better character, and there is the second book so he could still redeem himself.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed reading this story! It was really cute, and perfect for passing the time on a rainy summer day!


  • Own-voices
  • Cute Heroine
  • Diverse Cast
  • Manga-like
  • Fast-paced


  • Annoying Love Interest
  • Too short TT_TT

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 hearts

Cover: 5

Characters: 4

Writing: 4

Pacing: 5

Creativity: 5

4_5_blue hearts

Thank you for reading, and let me know what you thought about the book if you read it! As always, catch you later! Bye!




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