Review Policy


I will include the basic information, brand, how much I paid for it, my opinion, and the ingredients. This is also rated on a scale of zero to five.  

Music and More:

While I don’t plan on doing many reviews on extra topics, it’s basically the same drill. I honestly just need a place to vent my overwhelming feels at times.


I rate all of my books on a scale of zero to five hearts; five is the best score. Each review has the basic info, a brief summary of my opinion, and (sometimes) a discussion section (which includes a warning label).

I tend to read YA, romance, and fantasy books. Although, I’m always open to trying new things. If you have a recommendation for me, or are looking for a book review please contact me. I don’t guarantee anything, but I’ll give it a whirl.




(all policies subject to change at any given time)