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The Makeup Book Tag!


Hi all, so today I found this great tag to share with you all! As you know this is a book and beauty blog, so when I saw this over at the The Sassy Geek Blog I knew I had to do it! So please go check out Heather’s answers as well! I’ll also be including my favorite products along with the books! Let’s go! Continue reading The Makeup Book Tag!

The Candy Book Tag!


Hi all, so today I’m coming at you with another book tag! This one looked like so much fun, and plus I’m kind of addicted to sweets… I saw this over at The Awkward Book Blogger, so be sure to check her out! Also, the creator of this tag is Jessica @ Bookish Serendipity! So check her tag out as well 🙂 Let’s go~~~


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The Jingle Bell Tag


Don’t lie, you totally started singing the song when you saw the title, right? Me too! Fun fact, when I was a tiny toddler, I couldn’t pronounce “jingle” or “bells.” So I used to sing “shingle nails.” Haha, no one lets me forget it either…

Anyway, today I am participating in the Jingle Bell Tag, created by Richard @ The Humpo Show! I originally saw this over on the Sassy Book Geek blog! So make sure you read Heather’s post too. She has some really fun answers!


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